The Short Stories series is a collaboration I started with some friends between various artists and writers. We create stories and images based on a single theme and exhibit them in venues around London. The aim is to make exciting things that open the imagination and show them to people.

We welcome new contributors so if you are interesting in taking part in our next exhibition, get in touch.

The second installation of Short Stories, in the theme Reality. Exhibited at Ten10 cafe in East London in June 2016.


Andy Bolton - website

Helen Cocks - website

Giselle Cory

Tom Webb

Dan Parry - website

Beau Lamb

Chelle Obayda

The first installation of Short Stories, in the theme Transformations. Exhibited at the Pigeon Hole in South London in November 2015.


Andy Bolton

Gunay Demirci

Tom Hunt

Mike Whitfield

Chelle Obayda